eMail Deliverability eCourse

Email Deliverability
eMail Course Pack


10 Lesson eMail Deliverability eCourse

      • 10 email lessons
      • 200-300+ words each

Usage instructions


This 10 lesson email course focuses on getting your emails delivered to the inbox where your subscribers can see it to choose whether to open or read your emails.

This makes  a great lead magnet, perfect for not only building your list, but getting your subscribers to open their email.

You can also use it:

  • as a Lead Magnet –
  • to create an eBook or course – use the material as an outline and fill in
    more content and details
  • as a part of your coaching course – just add these lessons into your normal
    course outline
  • as an affiliate marketing tool – add your affiliate links to the products and
    services it references

eMail deliverability is currently a fresh, hot topic.  But this course is also evergreen.
It does not cover any black-had or even brown-hat tactics.