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Resale Rights (RR)
RR products are instant income products. As a Resale Rights buyer, you can start making money as quickly as you can set up the payment and download links.  You can market to your list, social media contacts or from a web page. 

You get to keep 100% of the income and any buyers are added to your buyers list, not someone else's.

Private Label Rights (PLR)
PLR products make product creation fast and easy.  You personalize the product by using your own name as author and making any changes to the title and text as you see fit.

You not only get to keep 100% of the income, but you also gain credibility as an "author".

Personal Use (PU)
PU products are for your own personal use.  You may not sell, give away or otherwise share the information in Personal Use products. However, if you find value in the product, you may contact the original source and request to become an affiliate.

As an Affiliate Marketers you may share a special link for the product sales page in which the author may pay you anywhere from 25-100% of the sales price as a commission. 

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